The Still Small Voice
by Emma Curtis Hopkins

Some have called it the “still small voice,” some the “daemon,” others “conscience,” and again others have said it was the “God within.”

But by whatever name it was called, all history agrees that whoever listened to and obeyed its promptings had satisfaction, even when they did not fully comprehend its nature.

Job spoke of it as “a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.” He was quite right for if this inward monitor is listened to it bringeth understanding, which is the acme of satisfaction or the highest good, for which all have sought, both ancient and modern.

This is not intellect for it is beyond and above it in power and comprehension. It is intuition of the Spirit, or the intuitive faculty. It is the highest of man-the real-man true self which must come forth, be born again, for it was created in us, or rather is the only real creation. We must break the burr that seems to encase intuition; burst our bonds and be free.

How shall we gain freedom? It is very easy if we only persist. It is only to speak words. “Let us take with us words and return unto our God.” They must be holy, true words, or words of truth about God and self, and all creation.

Hopkins, Emma Curtis (2011-09-04). Spiritual Law In The Natural World (pp. 74-75). ECH Theological Association, Inc.


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